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News '2006

Below we present news of Transat 650 Project from sail season 2006

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The Gulf of Gdansk Blue Ribbon Regatta

On Saturday, September 30th 2006, Capt. Kaczorowski together with his crew Marek Galkiewicz took part in the Gulf of Gdansk Blue Ribbon Regatta organized annually by Yacht Club "Stal". It was the last regatta in this sailing season held on Polish waters.

Images from the regatta


Jaro sailing in Azores Regatta

Capt. Kaczorowski has been qualified
to the Mini Transat 2007!

Capt. Kaczorowski's dreams came true. He has been qualified to the Mini Transat '2007.

There will be the second - after 30 years breake - start of the Polish sailor in this prestige regatta.



Jaro at the finish line

Capt. Kaczorowski came to Les Sables!
(August 26th, 2006)

Capt. Kaczorowski reached the finishing line of the Azores regatta today about 11:30PM.

An interactive map of the regatta
English Press release (www.lessables-lesacores.com)
The Final Results of the regatta


Winners of AZAB:
Hardy, Mihelin i Sineau

Finish of the Azores Regatta

On 25th August, after 1300 NM of sailing, group of leaders came to an end in Les Sables d'Olonne. Sailors were competing till the finish line. Afer nine days of the regatta first five sailors finished within 3,5 hours. The winners are:

Results of the second leg:
1. David Sineau (Bretagne Lapins)
2. Adrien Hardy (Brossard)
3. Andraz Mihelin (Adria Mobil Too)
4. Isabelle Joschke (Degrémont)
5. François Salabert (Aréas Assurances)

The final results:
1. Adrien Hardy (Brossard)
2. David Sineau (Bretagne Lapins)
3. Andraz Mihelin (Adria Mobil Too)
4. Isabelle Joschke (Degrémont)
5. François Salabert (Aréas Assurances)


The picture above sais more then thousand words.

Auteur: PYL, Copyright: DR


The last shall be first, the first...

The course of the second leg of the Azores race is approximately 1300 miles long and leads from Horta (Azores) to Les Sables in France.

After first few days of a strong wind, a big group of sailors along with Capt. Kaczorowski experienced silence in the middle of the route.

The Azores anticyclone deals cards on the Atlantic and decides whom to push ahead and whom to hinder. Two days of silence already. How long will it last?

Marek Gałkiewicz's account from the regatta office,
Les Sables


Capt. Kaczorowski at the halfway point
of the Azores Regatta

On August 8th after eight days, twenty-two hours, twenty-six minutes and fifty-four seconds of a single-handed race across the Atlantic Ocean Capt. Jarosław Kaczorowski reached Faial - one of the nine volcanic islands of the Azores Archipelago. Having covered 1270 NM from Les Sables to the Horta harbor on Faial Kaczorowski has finished the first leg of the Azores regatta.

Capt. Kaczorowski's first account
after completing the first leg of the race
"...and try to enjoy" - The Azores regatta from Marek Gakiewicz's point of view


Les Sables - Acores - Les Sables

On July 30, 2006 Capt. Kaczorowski started in single-handed regatta Les Sables - Acores - Les Sables (Azores and Back - "AZAB"). On August 8, 2006 Capt. Kaczorowski arrived to Horta in the Azores Islands and finished the first part of the regatta.

Interactive map of the race

Capt. Jarosław Kaczorowski's start in the AZAB regatta
Aug. 1, 2006: Jaro is rushing ahead!
Official website ot the regatta



The Azores Fever

Capt. Jarosław Kaczorowski aboard Allianz.pl is preparing for the Les Sables-Les Acores-Les Sables single handed regatta.

The AZAB regatta ( Azores and Back) is Capt. Jarosław Kaczorowski's last qualification this year aboard Allianz.pl for next year's Transat race. The route is 2600 NM long and divided into two legs. The first one starts in Les Sables d'Olonne on July 30, and ends in the harbour of Horta ( Azores ).

To celebrate the completion of the first leg, there will be a marine festival organized in Horta. The sailors will have a few days of rest before the return. The first leg is likely to be rather hard as the wind force, according to the latest weather forecast, is expected to reach even 40 kn on the course of the race.

Marek Gałkiewicz on Jaro's preparation for the AZAB regatta



The 1000 miles single-handed course of Capt. Kaczorowski

Just after the Mini Fastnet regatta "Jaro" is taking the next challenge. This time it is the obligatory 1000 miles single-handed course across the definite route on Atlantic Ocean. It must be without any outside help - as there will be during the final TRANSAT 6.50 race in autumn next year - and on the same boat.

In the end, Capt. Kaczorowski reached Douarnenez safe and sound on Friday 23, 2006 at 14:44, which meant completing 1000 NM single-handed regatta - another important qualification to the Mini Transat race 2007.

He was late for the Open Demi Cle regatta but it wasn't a big loss. Only some small changes ought to be introduced in this year's schedule and there shouldn't be any problems. What is more, completing the 1000 NM single-handed race entitles you to take part in another important regatta "Les Sables-Acores-Les Sables" held in 30/27 August.

Capt. Jarosław Kaczorowski will spend the preparation period for the next regatta getting the the boat ready in his famliy town Gdynia, together with his crew Marek Gałkiewicz.

Map of the 1000 miles single-handed course

Marek "Goły" Gałkiewicz's is commenting on Capt. Kaczorowski's doings
1000 NM single-handed course in Captain's eyes

Mini Class Race Calendar



The Mini Fastnet 2006 regatta

The Mini Fastnet regatta is another successful start of Capt. Jarosław Kaczorowski and his crew Marek "Goły" Gałkiewicz, who were ranked 33 in their class. They have not only gained another 700-mile experience aboard their new boat but also some priceless points in the official qualifications to the Transat 2007 race.

The final results of the race
Pictures from the preparation and prologue

The official website of the Mini Fasnet regatta
The map of the course of Mini Fastnet
Fastnet Lighthouse - miscellaneous



"Trophee Marie Agnes Peron"

Capt. Kaczorowski took part in the single handed regatta "Trophee Marie Agnes Peron" in France. He finished at 21st place in Proto Class. It was his first start in the official qualifications for the TRANSAT 6.50 Race in 2007.

Single handed regatta, 200 NM
Course: start and finish in Douarnenez

"Trophee Marie Agnes Peron" (part 1)
"Trophee Marie Agnes Peron" (part 2)



Trainings in Slovenia

Capt. Jaroslaw Kaczorowski and his crew Marek "Goly" Galkiewicz travelled to Slovenia to train with their Slovenian friends, who are experienced Mini Transat class sailors.

Trainings in Slovenia



Official presentation of sponsors
The Baptism of the Boat Ceremony

The main sponsors of TRANSAT 6.50 are Polish companies off ALLIANZ Group: Allianz Poland, Dresdner Bank Poland, Euler Hermes and Elvia. Besides them also Nikon, Hogan & Hartson and Henri-Lloyd have joined the Sponsors.

Allianz Polska and Capt. Jaroslaw Kaczorowski organised the press conference regarding start of the Polish sailor in transatlantic race TRANSAT 6,50. Then there were organised the Baptism of the Boat. The ceremony took place on April 19th, 2006 in Warsaw.



The first time on the water

Last few weeks we spent preparing our boat in the renovation-hall. We could hardly wait to start sailing. At last we sailed out for the first training on the Bay of Gdansk on Wednesday, April 12 th 2006 .

The boat is fantastic! Steering the boat is difficult at small speed, but when the boat goes faster its reaction is very sensitive. Many sailing manoeuvres are possible only thanks to steering by sails. It seems sailing on catamaran. Sliding keel is a wonderful invention. It gives 10% extra speed.

More about the first training on the water



Official recomendations for the TRANSAT 650 Project

More and more wishes has been coming in for Capt. Kaczorowski's Project from private persons and from institutions.

Just recently Capt. Kaczorowski has obtained official recomendations for his project from the Polish Yachting Association and from the President of the City of Gdynia.

See official documents (in Polish):
Recommendation from the Polish Yachting Association
Recommendation from the President of the City of Gdynia



Marek "Goły" Gałkiewicz joins Capt. J. Kaczorowski's Team

On Feb. 1st, 2006 Marek "Goły" Gałkiewicz joined Capt. J. Kaczorowski's Team. Marek will be the main collaborator of Capt. Kaczorowski. He will assist Capt. Kaczorowski in almost all trainings and qualiffication regatta within next two years. They will start together in most of double handed regatta - then Marek will sail as the co-pilot. "Goły" is also responsible for the adaptation works of the yacht as well as for public relations of the Transat 650 project.

More about Marek "Goły" Gałkiewicz



The yacht has been chosen!

On Jan. 7-12, 2006 Capt. Kaczorowski together with Dariusz Wysokiński, builder and constructor of yachts, were in France looking for a yacht for TRANSAT 650 regatta. Finaly they chose the yacht No. 508. It is a prototype boat, which already took part in the previous edition of Transat 650 Regatta. Now Capt. Kaczorowski is organizing place, tools and staff for necessary adaptation works.



- Mini Class regatta programme

70 competitors will start Mini Transat Race in September 2007. There are two-stage qualifications:

1st stage:
1000 miles single-handed course without any outside help, across one of two definite routs - one on Atlantic Ocean, the other one on Mediterranean Sea.

Map of single-handed course across Mediterranean
Map of the single-handed course across Atlantic Ocean

2nd stage :
1000 miles of single or double handed course off the Class Mini qualification races, at least one leg of 500 miles non-stop. The competitor has to start on the same boat which will take part in the Transatlantic race.

Mini Class Race Calendar




Start of preparation to Transat 6.50 edition 2007

Capt. Jarosław Kaczorowski has started the preparation for next edition of Transat 6.50 which will take place in autumn 2007. He is going to buy a Mini Class Yacht first. The boat should be checked - the best one that already took part in Transat 6.50.


Corentin Douguet,
the winner of edition 2005

Transat 6.50 edition 2005 finished

The Race Transat 6.50 edition 2005 has been finished. The Frenchman Corentin Douget won the Transat on prototype yacht.

He sailed from La Rochelle to Salador de Bahia within 24 days. The first leg to Lanzarote took him 6 days, the second leg other 18 days.



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