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Where are you, Jaro? - fourth day (Part one)

Semptember 22nd 2007

Capt. Kaczorowski's position: 40 degrees 24.04N, 010 degrees 4.14W. Position 58, 556 miles to the first leg's line as of 0500 UTC, September 22nd 2007 .

Today Jaro started from the 58th position of the general classification. This is not a satisfactory result, even considering poor weather conditions prevailing in the place where he's right now.

Fortunately the 36-hour weather forecast offers some consolation. If Jaro stays on course, he will eventually reach the strong wind's zone. It seems that Jaro is tracing Jure Jerman's routing and that's why he has chosen the Eastern option of the route. Sailing several dozen miles ahead of Jaro, the Slovenians - Andraz Mihelin (Adria Mobil Too) and Kristijan Hajnsek (Adria Mobil), who had access to the same routing, are following the same track (Eastern option). According to the newest weather forecast the anticyclone of Azores will withdraw West, as a result of which the sailboats located on the Eastern side of the route will able to blast off.

As for now Jarek is staying far behind the leader of the race - Isabelle Joshke ( Degremont Synergie) - 230NM - which seems to be a lot and he will probably lose the possibility of fighting for the leading positions in the first leg of the regatta. However, we should recall last year's second leg of AZAB, where the so called Northern group made up for 250NM in 2 days. The game continues... The lat yacht of the fleet loses to Isabelle over 700NM. It seems to be impossible for catching up.

Today as usual I visited the regatta office in the morning to listen to unofficial news and to find out the situation on Sea. The only information I got was "Isa, Isa.". She's amazing. According to the regatta office she should be here today by night.

On Madeira, especially in Funchal, everybody's talking about the regatta and although I don't know Portuguese, I hear well-known names in every coffe points. Isabelle, Manuard, Le Blevec - their names are on everyone's lips.

I try to keep calm, but when Jaro will be reaching the finishing line, I will be very excited. I am now preparing myself mentally and physically for this event (at last I can eat and sleep). I am taking photos and shooting films.

Today I managed to make a movie, in which Denis, who is the Races' Director, announced the weather forecast and the classification to the competitors and I shot a rescue action movie.

The planned clearing of the marina already started today because of the approaching fleet of over 80 yachts. Unfortunately the gale came before the noon. In one of the yachts the anchor was torn and if a windsurfer hadn't left his dinghy on time and jumped on a yacht, he would crash against the rocks. In the meantime the rescue team came and thanks to a pontoon they managed to rescue the man.

The organisers are also facing some problems. All the tents except for one with the Press Centre had to be once again taken down an hour ago because they could got damaged. Despite the fact that the tents were tied to concrete blocks and had no walls, they didn't resist the wind pressure.

I did some sightseeing in Funchal. I am impressed by the beautiful views, shady parks, fountains, narrow streets and oriental nature. It is really a lovely place.

I would like to thank for all e-mails which I received through the regatta office. Capt. Kaczorowski will be delighted that so many people support him during his race.

Regards from Madeira,
Marek Goły Gałkiewicz


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