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Where are you, Jaro? - fourth day (Part two)

Semptember 22nd 2007

Capt. Kaczorowski's position: 35 degrees 18.54N, 010 degrees 92.16. Position 55, 491 miles to the first leg's line as of 0500 UTC, September 22nd 2007

Jarek sailing on a yacht called Allianz.pl is still fighting with weak wind. The speed of his yacht 4.3 kn.The situation of the race has changed very slightly in the last couple of hours. The yachts which are at the top of the list are still leaving the group behind. They are in a zone of trade winds at the coast of Portugal. The rest including Jaro are waiting for their turn to begin sailing faster.

Isabelle Joschke (Degremont Synergie) is still a leader. She's the one who keeps the speed at the level of 10 kn. Next to her are Sam Mansard (Sitting Bull) and Yves Le Blevec (Actual) losing 28 and 41 NM respectively.

The organizers of the race are doing their best to be well prepared for the welcome of the boats and competitors. Is seems that Isabelle won't cross the line tonight. More information tomorrow morning. In the meantime I encourage you to visit the organizor's webpage http://www.transat650.org/en/.

Greets from windy Madera,
Marek Goły Gałkiewicz



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