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Port Funchal is little by little becoming crowded

Semptember 24th 2007

Capt. Kaczorowski's position: 34 degrees 29.11N, 015 degrees 24.35W.Position 54, 132 miles to the first leg as of 1500 UTC, 24th September 2007

Port Funchal is gradually becoming crowded owing to arriving sailboats. There are already 13 boats here and next two are still to be seen on the horizon...

Jarek moved in general classification to position 52 and to 39th position in classification Proto. Now Jarek has got wind from behind, but unfortunately it is not very strong. According to the weather forecast stronger wind (from the same direction) will probably come in 24 hours.

Probably Jarek will not get this wind because ETA is in this moment as 0500 to 0600 UTC, which means that he will be in the first leg's line tomorrow morning. Jarek has 8 sailboats in front of himself, which gives him a chance in these last few miles to catch up and overtake his competitors. The closest to Jarek is a Swede Swiss Bonvin (Marcel For Ever) who Jaro, by the way, knows very well.

Jarek led a passionate fight with Helvetic's sailor on the last day of the Azores race last year, where a real "match racing" took place. And Jaro won.

Will the same scenario repeat this time? Similar boat (Mansard), the same weather conditions and the same tiredness..

I wish that from the bottom of my heart!

Regards from Madeira,
Marek Goły Gałkiewicz




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