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Fast and slow... - seventh day

Semptember 25th 2007

Capt. Kaczorowski's position: 32 degrees 72.15N, 016 degrees 43.82W. Position 39 Proto, 52 in general classification, 24 miles to the first leg's line as of 0500 UTC, September 25 th 2007

In my next report I hope to begin with "Position: horizontal. Jaro has reached the finishing line." But now I'm still waiting...

According to other skippers, who are literally drifting across the finishing line, it is not a problem at all to reach Madeira , but to reach its southeast shore. The strong wind is blowing from the north. Sitting beside me in the press office Kris and Andraz are claming that it is about 25 kn.

The last miles are the worse part. It is as if somebody turned off the electricity. You go round the headland, sail half a mile further and suddenly. there comes a wall. No wind at all.

It is still dark now and in one hour there will be sunrise. And then the wind will turn up as it does every day. Where will Capt. Kaczorowski be then? That's what I don't know. I hope that he will be at the right side of the finishing line.

The last part of this leg was very fast for the captain. He catched up a bit. The question is if it is enough to overtake four yachts which are ahead of him. I think the most important situation will be the moment of entry behind the bend. Will it be before the sunrise or after the sunrise?

It means to me a lot. Obviously I would rather Jaro was here. But...

Regards from Madeira,
Marek Goły Gałkiewicz




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