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Great firends and help on Madeira

Semptember 20th 2007

How good to be sponsored by a big company! Our sponsors have acted with forethought and precision. Before I left La Rochelle , CEO of Allianz Direct - Mrs Olga Doan called me and said: "Marek, you have a contact person and accommodation on Madera ".

These were simple words, but for our team it was something very significant. Nobody really had the time to think how our life will look like on Madera during these two weeks. What meant was our boat and the preparations. And Madera ? - we thought - it will work somehow.

Imagine my surprise when I checked the blackberry and to my astonishment there were plenty of emails referring to the arrangements of accommodation and our welcome on Madera!

This is why I would like to thank all the persons I am aware of that were involved - Mrs Olga Doan - for her initiative and supervising the case; Ms Urszula Iżewska - for establishing contact and her correspondence with both Allianz Portugal and the Branch Office on Madera; Mrs Marcelo Carneiro - for his help in finding our contact person on Madera and finally; Mrs Joao Vasco Da Costa Serra - a congenial branch-office manager in Funchal, Madera.

Mr Serra awaited me personally at the airport (where I was upset about the loss of my baggage) and organised a quick shipment of the footage from the regatta start by courier to Poland (which was not possible neither in La Rochelle nor at the airports of Paris and Lisbon ). He showed me the city with its most important places (supermarket, local market, tourist information, marina). Later on, while sipping a cup o coffee, he told me about the splendid places on Madera and the local customs. He then took me to the Guest House, where I got a cosy little room with a great view of Funchal's harbour and the Ocean.

What a wonderful world.

Thank you so much.

Greets from Madera, which is awaiting Jarek and his boat Allianz.pl -
Marek Goły Gałkiewicz




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