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Yacht Mini 6.50 technical data

The Class Mini rules are very simple and have very few limitations.

The distance between keel and the top of the mast must not exceed 14 meters. 8 sails are allowed including trisail and storm jib.


Great area of sails

Some of Mini Boats can carry up to 120m² of sails on down wind courses. There is a hatch on the stern which you can get through outside in case the boat turn upside down in the water. Recently the use of carbon mast has been allowed. On Mini Boats commonly are used canting/sliding keels, water ballast, shrouds as well as stays are made of kevlar and PBO.

The most modern materials such as Airex, Nomex, Kevlar and carbon fibre are used to build the boats.


Pictures ot the new boat

First pictures of our new boat
Renovation of the boat - Images (part 1)
Renovation of the boat - Images (part 2)
Renovation of the boat - Images (part 3)
The first time on the water!

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