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Photo Gallery

Here we present pictures showing Capt. Kaczorowski's preparation for the Transat 6.50 Race - from qualification regatta, trainings, etc.



Madera, finish of the first leg of TRANSAT 6.50 '2007

First leg of the TRANSAT 650 finishes in Funchal at Madeira. Here we present pictures from this beautiful island - just a few hours before first sailors of the race arrive.

Photo Gallery



The Gulf of Gdansk Blue Ribbon Regatta

On Saturday, September 30th 2006, Capt. Kaczorowski together with his crew Marek Galkiewicz took part in the Gulf of Gdansk Blue Ribbon Regatta organized annually by Yacht Club "Stal". It was the last regatta in this sailing season held on Polish waters.

Images from the regatta



"Mini Fastnet"

The "Mini Fastnet" regatta means for Capt. Kaczorowski the next qualification start for the TRANSAT 6.50 Race in 2007. It is double handed regatta. Sailors compete on the 700 NM route from Douarnenez in France to the famous Fastnet rock Lighthouse off the coast of West Cork, Ireland and back.

The boat No. "508" in the Mini Fastnet regatta
Preparation to the race and the prologue (part 1)
Preparation to the race and the prologue (part 2)



"Trophee Marie Agnes Peron"

Capt. Kaczorowski took part in the single handed regatta "Trophee Marie Agnes Peron" in France. He finished at 21st place in Proto Class. It was his first start in the official qualifications for the TRANSAT 6.50 Race in 2007.

"Trophee Marie Agnes Peron" (part 1)
"Trophee Marie Agnes Peron" (part 2)



Trainings in Slovenia

Capt. Jaroslaw Kaczorowski and his crew Marek "Goly" Galkiewicz travelled to Slovenia to train with their Slovenian friends, who are experienced Mini Transat class sailors.

Trainings in Slovenia (part 1)
Trainings in Slovenia (part 2)
Trainings in Slovenia (part 3)



Baptism of the Boat ALLIANZ.PL

The baptism of the boat took place in Warsaw on April 19 th, 2006. The ceremony was conducted by Pawel Dangel - Chairman of Allianz Poland, main sponsor of the project, very famous Polish sailor - Capt. Krzysztof Baranowski and Capt. Jaroslaw Kaczorowski.

Pictures from the baptism of the boat ceremony



Yacht ALLIANZ.PL on water of the Bay of Gdansk

Just after finishing the renovation work Capt. Jarosław Kaczorowski and Marek "Goły" Gałkiewicz went on their first training on water on the Bay of Gdansk.

Yacht ALLIANZ.PL on water of the Bay of Gdansk
Spy pictures from the space



Renovation of the boat

We have started renovation of the boat. Stage one means dismantling of all equipment and then grinding, grinding, grinding... The work is hard but necessary to prepare our boat for qualification regatta and the race.

Renovation of the boat - Images (part 1)
Renovation of the boat - Images (part 2)
Renovation of the boat - Images (part 3)
The first time on the water!



New boat has arrived!

Here we present the very first pictures of the new boat.


Photo Gallery



Class Mini Secrets

There are modern technologies and materials applied on Class Mini Boats, which you will never meet on common tourist yachts, for instance canting/sliding keel or double rudder. Here you have the opportunity to watch the technical solutions as well as some of the equipment.

Photo Gallery



La Rochelle 2005 Transat start

Each start of Transat 6.50 is a great show and a big sailors' day. The start attracts a great number of spectators and tourists and sailors. So it was that year.

Photo Gallery



Pictures by Iwan Ajwazowski

Please be welcomed to watch great pictures by Iwan Ajwazowski (1817-1900), the Russian maritime painter, who painted over 6 000 pictures, mostly related to the sea.

Picture Gallery


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