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Capt. Jarosław Kaczorowski was classified 19 in the final ranking of the 2007 edition regatta.

Here we present news that were published on this website during the preparation regatta and the final successful for Capt. Kaczorowski Transat 6.50 Race.


News '2007


In the eyes of Jarek Kaczorowski

After the first leg of the most important regatta in the last two years, I was convinced that all of my bad luck was behind me (collision with UFO) and that I could expect nothing worse within the next few years. Those who sail with me know how lucky I am. In the first leg, I took a remote position, but the time loss was not so big.

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Capt. Kaczorowski 19.!

Capt. Jaroslaw Kaczorowski ( Allianz PL ) that perfectly sailed for the end of the race, reached at 3 hours 52 minutes and 11 seconds - French time, the 14th for the leg. Thanks to his outstanding performance in the second leg of Mini Transat 2007 regatta Kaczorowski was classified 19 th at general ranking. The media and sailing experts say the result is more that fantastic if one takes into account that this was the first time for Kaczorowski to take part in the Mini Transat race.



Yves Le Blévec - 1st , David Sineau - 2nd!

42 years old Yves Le Blévec crossed Bahia 's finishing line on Tuesday, 23 rd October, at 19 hours 53 minutes and 2 seconds - French time. He covered the distance of the second leg in 17 days 06 hours 38 minutes and 2 seconds at an average speed of 7,36 knots. David Sineau ( Bretagne Lapins) was second of Funchal/Bahia's leg. He crossed the line at 10H28min and 22 seconds - French Time, on Wednesday, 24 th October. He sailed during 17 days 21 hours 11 minutes and 22 seconds at an average speed of 7,11 knots.

Extracts from Yves's reaction yesterday



Second leg just about to begin!

As a rule at 12.02 UTC the boats will cross the start line of the second leg of Mini Transat race. Capt. Jarosław Kaczorowski on Allianz.pl and 88 other sailors are to cover the distance of 3100 Nm.



Capt. Kaczorowski's impressions of the first leg of the race

After the organizers announced the delay of the first regatta's leg of Transat, we found out that will start on Wednesday or possibly even on Tuesday. The cyclone, which was supposed to reach us in the Gulf of Biscay, turned out to be not as active as the meteorologists expected it to be and people began to speculate on Monday that we would set off earlier.

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Madera - break

On Madeira everything is going fine. Preparations are running smoothly. The only disturbance is the lack of materials, the rain or an "obligatory" party event, organized by the Team Yemaya. I spent the last couple of days on preparations of the boat and of the equipment (computer, video camera and camera). There are tons of footage and photos, which had to be revised, segregated and filed. Thanks to my sponsors I am equipped with very good devices.

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Jaro has arrived. The yacht too. Jaro's condition is better than his yacht's.

I am sorry for the delay, but after Jaro's arrival I had to switch from a PR specialist to a shore team member. I started with the estimations of the damages on the boat, listened to a detailed account on the efficiency of the devices and all new "inventions", which could not be tested thoroughly before the race.

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Capt. Kaczorowski has crossed the line of the first leg of the race!

Jaro was classified 56 in the final ranking. We will all keep our fingers crossed for a better result in the 2nd leg. This is highly probable as Allianz.pl is better prepared for the 2nd leg when the wind should be stronger - said Marek Gałkiewicz, assistant and friend of Capt. Kaczorowski.



Fast and slow... - seventh day

According to other skippers, who are literally drifting across the finishing line, it is not a problem at all to reach Madeira , but to reach its southeast shore. The strong wind is blowing from the north. Sitting beside me in the press office Kris and Andraz are claming that it is about 25 kn.

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Port Funchal is little by little becoming crowded

Port Funchal is gradually becoming crowded owing to arriving sailboats. There are already 13 boats here and next two are still to be seen on the horizon...

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Isabelle the Great!

Capt. Kaczorowski's position: 35 degrees 32.2N, 014 degrees 96.34W. Position 52, 192 miles the first leg's line - data of 0500 UTC, September 24 th 2007.

As expected Isabelle Joschke (Degrémont-Synergie) crossed the first leg's line at 2h30min30sec UT (4h11min30sec French time). Short interviews with the users can be found on my webpage.

Watch the interviews (movie file, 19MB)



Isabelle 1st, Manuard 2nd and Le Blévec 3rd!

Isabelle Joschke (Degrémont-Synergie), the young Franco-German skipper, crossed the first leg's line at 4h11min30sec French time.

As expected, Isabelle was for a long time glued by the lack of wind close to Madera . Isabelle has spent 05 days, 15 hours, 33 minutes and 30 seconds to ride over the 1.100 nautical miles of the first leg at the average speed of 8.11 kn.



Finally a bit faster - fifth day

After this night Jarek moved two positions up in the classification. The "east option" finally brings profit. Allianz.pl is currently in the zone where the wind is a bit stronger. Stronger than that which is experienced by the competitors from the "west option". If the weather conditions remain unchanged, the following day and night could be lucky for the Polish sailor.

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Where are you, Jaro? - fourth day

Today Jaro started from the 58 th position of the general classification. This is not a satisfactory result, even considering poor weather conditions prevailing in the place where he's right now.

Part one
Part two



Movies from TRANSAT 6,50 Regatta

Here we present movies from the Mini Transat Regatta.

Before start - part 1 (16MB)
Before start - part 2 (8MB)
Start and the first buoy (20MB)
Allianz.pl's spinaker sail (6MB)

All movies recorded by Marek "Goły" Gałkiewicz



Great friends and help on Madeira

How good to be sponsored by a big company! Our sponsors have acted with forethought and precision. Before I left La Rochelle , CEO of Allianz Direct - Mrs Olga Doan called me and said: "Marek, you have a contact person and accommodation on Madera".

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Sailing News TV

You can watch movies from the Mini Transat '2007 Regatta. They are published on the SailingNewsTV website.

Sailing News TV



The start of Mini Transat 2007. La Rochelle - first day

After a long preparation process we finally achieved the goal we set ourselves two years ago. After 30 years of break we have a new Polish sailor who takes part in a single-handed race of Mini Transat. Captain Jarek Kaczorowski has begun his strife on the yacht named Allianz.pl on this year's route of race.

Report of Marek Gałkiewicz

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Jarek has just started!

Beautiful weather and a strong wind reaching 15 to 25 knots favoured the fleet in La Rochelle, which left the port at exactly 12.54 p.m. and started the first leg of Transat 6.50.

Jarek has started very well, taking the position in the middle of the rest of the sailors. Jaro's tactic was to avoid getting "jammed" and especially to evade possible collision.

Unfortunately, the Slovenian sailor Andraž Mihelin, one of the nominees for the victory, crashed against a press boat at full capacity on the start. The latter came too close to a turning buoy. The accident resulted in the damage of the attachment of the bowsprit and one of the dagger boards. Undaunted, Andraž continues the race.

Report of Marek Gałkiewicz





Weather forecast

On the first day of the regatta the competitors will face a Northern wind reaching 20 kn. which will blow until evening. On Wednesday the wind will change its direction and will blow from the East. If these meteorological predictions prove to be reliable, first minis will reach Madeira in six days.






The race will start on Tuesday, September 18th 2007

The decision was made on Monday - between noon and 1 pm - the race will start on Tuesday at 12.30 pm.

Initially the start of the race was planned on Sunday at 11.00 am because of the bed weather conditions it was posponed.





Extremely strong winds pose danger in the region of the start.




The start of Mini Transat 2007 postponed

First information suggesting that the race would be postponed due to unexpected weather conditions in the Gulf of Biskay were announced during meteorological clearance on Saturday morning . In the afternoon new weather forecast was provided, according to which very strong winds are predicted for Tuesday (more than 30 knots) on the race route.

Bearing in mind the safety of competitors and given recent problems during Transgascogne Regatta (where in similar weather conditions eight yachts called for help), the jury committee decided to postpone the start of the regatta for at least two days.




Last interview before start - Part I

How will this last day before the start look like? - the answer to this and many other interesting questions can be found in an interview by Olga and Karolina Doan with Capt. Jarosław Kaczorowski taken in La Rochelle.

First part
Scecond part



Read more about Transat 6.50 regatta on "Wirtualna Polska"

"Wirtualna Polska" - one of the biggest Polish portals, together with Allianz Direct - sponsor of the project, have launched a special section in "Sport" column on WP dedicated to Capt. Kaczorowski and his participation in Transat 650 race.

The website is run by a team of WP sports journalists in cooperation with editorial staff of Transat650.pl website. Together we will publish news from the course of the race.

Link to "Wirtualna Polska". Texts are available only in Polish.



Press Conference

On Monday, August 27th 2007, the official press conference of Capt. Jarosław Kaczorowski was held in Warsaw. The conference preceded his start in the Mini Transat 2007.

Read more about the conference



Last testing of yacht in Poland

Just before his departure to France and start in the Transat 6.50 regatta Capt. Jarosław Kaczorowski did his last training on the waters of the Baltic Sea. On the Gulf of Gdańsk for the first time a new spinnaker, founded by one of the project sponsors - Allianz Direct company, mast and a solar battery were tested. All tests went really well and we do hope that the new spinnaker during the whole race will prove itself as useful as it did on the waters of the Baltic Sea.



Mini-Fastnet regatta

This year because of weather conditions the start of Mini Fastnet race was unsure till the last moment. Many times the start was postponed and the rout was changed. Finally, the race was cancelled. Waiting for an official announcement sailors took part in an unofficial race "Runs Mini - Speed Race" held on the waters of the Bay of Douarnenez. Capt. Jarosław crossed the finishing line on the fourth place!

Read more about "Runs Mini - Speed Race"



Marie-Agnes Peron Trophy regatta

Capt. Jarosław Kaczorowski races in the next regatta. This time it is the Marie-Agnes Peron Trophy. The start was held on Thursday, June 7 th 2007 at 11:30. First sailors are expected to reach the finishing line in Douarnenez on Saturday, June 9th.



Open Demi-Cle Regatta
18th-20th May 2007

After preparations lasted all winter the start in the first regatta this season will be mainly a test for equipment and new patents designed and made during winter.

The route of the regatta is rather short depending on the option which the commission finally chooses. It will be from 115 to 220 NM. Start is planed for May 18 th, 2007 at 11:00 in Locmiquelic, near to Lorient and finish will be in Douarnenez two days later.

Everyone who sails in the Gulf of Biskay knows that even a short race could be quite difficult because of the weather which is changeable and unpredictable.

Official website of the Open Demi-Cle Regatta

Capt. Kaczorowski finished the Open Demi-Cle Regatta on satisfying 12th position in his category.



Capt. Jarosław Kaczorowski awarded "Conrady 2006" prize

We are happy to inform you that on March 9th 2007 Capt. Jarosław Kaczorowski was awarded two prestigious prizes - one by the brotherhood of well-known and respectable sailors and the other one by Pomeranian Yachting Association for qualifying himself to the 2007 Transat 6.50 race.



The 2007 Transat 6.50 race participants were announced

On December 22nd 2006 the official list of sailors who qualified themselves to the 2007 Transat 6.50 race was announced. The list includes the name of Capt. Jarosław Kaczorowski.

As a qualifications the sailors had to complete 1000 miles single-handed race non-stop and cover at least the same distance in qualification regattas in the season of 2006. As a rule qualifications needed to be done on the same yacht as during the final race.

Read the list of sailors for the 2007 Transat 6.50 race



Capt. Kaczorowski received an official notice about the 2007 Transat 6.50 race

On November 27 th Capt. Kaczorowski received an official notice from the organizers about the rules, schedule and programme of the 2007 Transat 6.50 regatta.

Notice of the Race Transat 6.50

The start of the race will be held at La Rochelle - Fort Boyard on Sunday September 16 th 2007 , at 12:02 AM . First leg of the race finishes in Funchal at Madeira . This distance amounts to 1130 NM. Capt. Kaczorowski assumes he will cover the distance in a week.

The 2 nd leg begins on October 6 th 2007 in Funchal, at 12:02 AM . The finish in Salvador de Bahia in Brazil is estimated from Wednesday, October 24 th 2007. The 2 nd leg amounts to 3100 NM.

Read the notice of the 2007 Transat 6.50 race


Read also news of Transat 6,50 Project from sail season '2006



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