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TRANSAT 6.50 Rules

One man, one yacht, one ocean
Transat 6.50 is a solo race which is a biennial event. The next start being scheduled for September 2007. There are 70competitors in two classes: prototypes and production boats. Because there is usually twice as much volunteers, each sailor has to get through qualifications: first stage - 1000 miles of single-handed course, second stage - 1000 miles in races off the Class Mini qualification races.

Any help is forbidden
The sailors are not allowed to contact anybody ashore during the race. They only get the weather forecast by VHF. The use of electronic maps is forbidden. They navigate using paper maps with help of sextant and GPS. In sailors society the Transat 6.50 Race is acknowledge as very prestigious and honourable.

Transat are also known as Mini Transtat. Mini Class is the smallest class racing transatlantic courses.

Current rules
All the Mini events are organised under the aegis of the race National Sailing Association and under the control of the Classe Mini Association with the participation of the Organizers and local communities.

Mini events are sporting events meant to encourage offshore racing in 6,50 meters long monohull sailboats. The objective is to encourage the study and development of these boats to increase safety whilst permitting development of performance in offshore conditions.

The rules are designed to encourage seamanship and sense of responsibility for all crews, to promote sportsmanship and solidarity between competitors.

Mini Class Rules (1,8MB)

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