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The last shall be first, the first...

The Azores anticyclone deals cards on the Atlantic and decides whom to push ahead and whom to hinder. Two days of silence already. How long will it last?


The picture above sais more then thousand words.

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Marek Gałkiewicz's account from the regatta office,
Les Sables

August 22 nd , 2006

The situation in the second leg of the Les Sables-Les Acores-Les Sables regatta has changed beyond all recognition for the last three days. A group of leaders led by our acquaintance Andraz Mihelin aboard Adria Mobil Too managed to sail away from the others thanks to the last gusts of wind. Lack of wind hindered the other sailors and resulted in a loss of approx. 90 NM to leaders. The boats earlier being at the very end (250Nm from the leader) got a fresh breath of NE wind and started to speed up.

Is that fair?
While the middle group is maintaining the speed of 0,2 kt, the north group - former outsiders - is rushing ahead with the speed of 9,5 kt according to AGROS (satellite system). An utmost example can be that of Gerard Marina from Spain aboard serial Oscar I'escala/c.n. Ilanca, who three days after start had a loss of 225 miles and now is likely not only to win the serial classification, but also the whole race! It is the first time in the history of the Mini Class when this can happen!!!!!

Silence on the Atlantic
During first four days Jarek sailed smoothly and was close to the lead (20 th -16 th in the general classification). Then as all the rest from his group he tasted 'the sweetness of sunbathing'. What else can a sailor do when there is no wind and the Atlantic resembles a boundless mirror?

Greetings from Les Sables d'Olonne,
Marek Goły Gałkiewicz

Certainly Jarek will have enough water but what about the sun lotion?! ;-)


Translated by Anna Greczuk




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